The PowerUp Hero Planner

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PowerUp Hero Planner, Journal, and Habit Tracker – 2nd Edition

All of us may have dreams of doing big things and becoming real-life heroes. At PowerUp we say, “Move over, Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman.” We know that being a hero doesn’t mean having supernatural strength and magical powers. This daily journal will help you live like a hero in real life. Because let’s face it, living your best life, and juggling a busy workload can be close to impossible. Sometimes it can feel like you have to pull unimaginable superpowers from who knows where. Being a PowerUp Hero is about living YOUR best life and being an agent of change – for yourself, your family, for your community, and for the world. This PowerUp Hero Planner is all about helping you achieve your most important goals and serve in your most passionate roles. Power Up is from the Latin “potentia sursum”. It literally means “superpotential”.